Electronic Security


Video Surveillance


You wouldn't run your business without strategic planning, so you wouldn't treat the security of your operations lightly either. If your business needs constant monitoring, then a video surveillance system is the right solution for you.

A video surveillance system can significantly reduce illegal and undesired incidents using one or more cameras to view and record activity in selected areas. 

The Chubb Video Surveillance system offers:
* A record of events and activities
* A deterrent to intruders, vandales and internal theft
* Alert security personnel of potential events and takes steps to prevent/minimise damages
* Quick verification of signals from an alarm system

Cameras are the instruments through which images are captured and transmitted. Environmental conditions, available locations and desired views are all factored into the selection of an appropriate camera, lens and housing.

Chubb offers the following:
* Conventional Cameras
* Dome/Mini-Dome Cameras
* IR Cameras
* PTZ Cameras
* Speed Dome Cameras
* IP Cameras

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