Fire Safety

Fire prevention 

Fire Prevention

Good housekeeping, including some simple (free) steps such as banning smoking, testing electrical appliances, moving machinery parts and training staff can have a positive impact on reducing the risk of fire. Hence, minimizing the risk of fire breaking out is the number one priority in your overall fire safety strategy. Working with Chubb, you will have the optimum fire safety solution.

service & maintenance

Imagine how much simpler managing your fire safety responsibilities would be if your risk assessment services, staff training, extinguishersupply and servicing, automatic fire alarm systems, emergency lighting etc. could be carried out by just one company, on a single Total Fire Service & Maintenance Contract.   

Fire risk assessment

The first step to preventing a fire is a fire risk assessment. As a one-stop fire safety provider, Chubb can provide assessment for on-site fire security requirements, ensuring that your premises will conform to the Workplace Safety & Health Act.

Fire training

Chubb provides fire safety training which use a mixture of theoretical and practical tuition. The objective of the training is to give your staff an all-round education on fire safety.