Central Monitoring Station


24-hour Monitoring Services

At Chubb, we take the protection of your premises seriously. That is why Chubb’s Central Monitoring Station (CMS) offers 24/7 security and fire monitoring to optimize the performance of your alarm systems.

The Chubb CMS is fully equipped with a hot-redundant back-up system, independent generator, bulletproof glass and double-locking door entrance. In the event of a system failure, the back-up systems automatically take over to enable the continuous monitoring of your premises.

Clients are connected to the CMS via high-tech links including digital dialer, wireless or direct leased line. The station is manned around-the-clock by CMS personnel who are trained to respond quickly to an alarm activation. The response measures range from contacting the appointed key holder to dispatching a Chubb response unit to the premises, to calling in the civil defence or police. Prompt and effective responses to any emergency is thus assured.  

monitoring services

Chubb offers monitoring services through a professionally-manned monitoring station with state-of-the-art technology. Part of our services include offering support to life threatening incidents. Upon an alarm activation, Chubb CMS personnel will respond accordingly and notify the respective authorities, including the police, fire department, or Chubb technician to act on the emergency.


In the event of an intrusion, the police may require the homeowner or, in the case of commercial properties, an appointed employee to be present before entering the premises. Chubb offers a keyholding service for our clients, as it may sometimes be difficult to contact the appointed key holder in times of emergencies — especially at night.   

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